Kaghan Festival, Naran, Pakistan


Kaghan Festival was organised by Tourism Coorporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK), which has been recently renamed from North-Western Frontier Province. In the last few years the region was infamous with war between the Pakistani Taliban and Pakistani army.

– We want to revive the tourism in this region tarnished by the acts of war. Soon the day will come when our province will be free from violence and safe for future generationssaid Mian Iftikhar Hussain, minister of information of KPK, during the inauguration of the festival in June 2011.

The Kaghan Valley, also known as „Pakistani Switzerland” due to its mountain landscape, used to be paradise for travelers. Foaming waterfalls, blue streams, boundless meadows where sheep are grazing, picturesque lakes hidden in the Himalayan range are perfect spot for family trips, friends escapades or  rafting and trekking. Kaghan Festival was a unique music event that lasted three days. It was held in Naran, a small mountain town with bustling streets during tourist season and half-empty throughout the rest of the year. Both famous Pakistani rock bands, such as Saturn and Qayaas, as well as traditional folk music and singers of Bollywood hits performed during the Festival. Children played on the inflatable slides, adults were buying souvenirs and local crafts. At night, after the shows, a spectacular fireworks display lighted up the sky.


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