Here is the list of my most interesting publications. Majority of them are in Polish:

Reportage about Tibetan diaspora living in India for ZNAK magazine, march 2013, no 694

Reportage about Lahore, Pakistan for travel magazine Poznaj Świat

Rock’n’roll jihad – a reportage about rock festival in Pakistan for Mountaineering Magazine

Article on Kolkata’s most charming places for the biggest Polish web portal

Bloody Pakistan. Differently – Photostory for English Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine

Article on Delhi’s sufi neighbourhood – Nizamuddin for a newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza

Mullik Ghat Flower Market, Kolkata, India The divine flowers – my photo has been highlighted in monthly travel magazine Poznaj Świat

Article on Pakistani Saiful Malook lake for newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza