Nizamuddin – Sufi neighbourhood in Delhi, India


Nizamuddin Auliya was 14th century Sufi – Muslim mystic, who ignored social inequalities and religious differences. Unity, solidarity and helping the needy were the main messages of his preaching. One of Delhi’s districts, where the Sufi’s shrine is located, was named after Nizamuddina Auliya. Nizamuddin complex contains not only the tomb of the Sufi but other saints, musicians, kings and princesses are buried here as well.

This bustling place is filled with picturesque buildings, domes, poetry, music and many pilgrims. Some say that even djinns can be found here. In the maze of narrow alleys one can sip a cup of chai – Indian sweet tea flavored with ginger and cardamom or buy fruits and vegetables from vendors.  On Thursday’s evening a qawwali performance is luring dozens of pilgrims, tourists and Dilliwallahs.

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