About me

Born in 1986. Indologist. Hindi and Urdu lecturer. When falling asleep I think about socio-political issues of Afghan-Pakistani border. I am a traveler. Interested in world and people. Driven by the unobvious. In the turbulent regions I am most interested in the inhabitants’ daily life. I seek for similarities rather than differences.

My writings are published in Polish leading media from time to time. I spent few years studying and working in South Asian countries and Turkey. Inspired by human rights I seek for signs of civic engagement in the places I visit.

Documenting life of Tibetan refugees living in India, attending rock festival in Pakistan, cycling through the congested streets of bustling New Delhi or writing on depiction of immigrants life in the lyrics of hip hop artists of South Asian descen is my element. When I’m not absorbed by reading Urdu poetry I practice yoga, muay thai or learn Pashto language.




For more information on my education and work experience please go here.